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Maroon 5 on Twitter: "#ThisLove https://t.co/roagEFGEi1"

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ik this it from the movie it, but i really like it so here.

I enjoy this because it references the 2017 version of IT, my favourite movie at the moment and I also like the contrast on in the black bacground with the glowing letters.

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My fear with you, as you push me away again and again, when I know my happiness lies within being with you and you alone. Don't give up on my my love, for you are the most amazing thing to ever happen to me!


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"Payphone" -Maroon 5

"Payphone" -Maroon 5 Thanks for getting this stuck in my head :D I don't know if alot of ppl still listen to this song but i still like it

Does It Almost Feel Like #Almost-Feel-Like, #Does-It

I love this alternative song its so catchy & different & I love these lyrics its one of those lyrics that have the power to change the way u think about somethings

She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

She Will Be Loved -Maroon 5 -- for those of you in MN enjoying his beautiful voice tonight!