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FUR 10

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This animal pattern sample plays with the colors of the animals coat adding new more vibrant colors to the pattern, sort of like in animal printed clothes from ruby rocks with burgundy leopard print skirts and green and brown tiger print tops.

QUEEN                                                                                                           ↞•ฟ̮̭̾͠ª̭̳̖ʟ̀̊ҝ̪̈_ᵒ͈͌ꏢ̇_τ́̅ʜ̠͎೯̬̬̋͂_W͔̏i̊꒒̳̈Ꮷ̻̤̀́_ś͈͌i͚̍ᗠ̲̣̰ও͛́•↠

QUEEN ↞•ฟ̮̭̾͠ª̭̳̖ʟ̀̊ҝ̪̈_ᵒ͈͌ꏢ̇_τ́̅ʜ̠͎೯̬̬̋͂_W͔̏i̊꒒̳̈Ꮷ̻̤̀́_ś͈͌i͚̍ᗠ̲̣̰ও͛́•↠