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The thing is, I am actually learning Swahili and I did attempt to learn the guitar first.

I did use to learn guitar before I got bored and shifted my focus on learning Spanish before getting bored again and shifting my focus on Norwegian. And now I'm just waiting for Duo to release Swahili on the app.

I always find random bruises all over lol.. I try to cut corners but you can't with walls lol

I always find random bruises all over lol. I try to cut corners but you can't with walls lol

Might be INTP but ...yeah I do this too.

"INTPs do not come preprogrammed with acceptable social behavior patterns. Rather, they learn to fit in through conscious observation and deliberate mimicry.

Ehhh idk xD im kinda both inside n out. Guess m once again one cool alieno this planet of failurw😎

Lol, that whole rarity thing is kind of awesome

It takes a true INTP to be proud of being INTP. You know you're an INTP when you were thrilled to learn you're one of the rarest types, as this explained why everyone else was stupid. <<<I was really relieved to find that it was okay to be proud of it.

INTP leaning style

INTP Learning Style INTPs learn best by reading, reflecting and conceptualising.

No but this is so interesting because my INTP expects me to have this approach when my morals are challenged but as an INFJ I am much more attached to my standards.

Yes, but this isn't circular reasoning. Circular reasoning is something more like 'i believe this because it is true.