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No longer can I hold you close in my arms. I now hold you even closer, in my heart forever..

No longer can I hold you close in my arms. I now hold you closer, in my heart forever.

*you're....but still a true message.

How I miss those daily calls and texts all the time.you were always there to make me feel better, always my best friend!

It doesn't just go away... You may go weeks, months without a tear, but some days, the walls come crashing down and the tears don't stop. It's been 7 years and I still cry...

Grief quotes quote heart positive time truth inspirational loss wisdom inspiration grief I will live with it for a lifetime


Have so many fun memories of you Barry. Thank you for changing my life and all the wonderful things you did for me. Always in my thoughts and prayers

Perfect explanation of grief. Have to do it my way! Yes its been over a year but it feels like just yesterday I got the news you were gone!

7 weeks tomorrow that my sweet Tripp went to heaven. The pain doesn't go away.

Sorry my grief is inconvenient for you. On second thought, I'm actually not sorry at all... I wont apologize for loving my beautiful baby

Wish I had seen this quote during the first couple years after losing my Mom and later, my Dad. Everyone's path of grief is different, but all those paths deserve respect. Everyone processed their pain differently

64 more things

64 More Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Grief, wow, this is amazingly well written