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A beautiful cupcake in a world of muffins

Instagram Post by Sandi D (@sandi.dusel)

Tatuagem de cupcake nas costas

Tatuagem de cupcake

One tattoo that you may find interest in is the cupcake tattoo. Although cupcake tattoo designs are not considered to be main stream, they are a popular tattoo choice for women. Cupcake tattoo designs may portray the cupcake alone or it may be.

zentangle cupcakes!

Illustration Friday – Dessert

Cupcake Tattoo idea with different patterns in the icing. Minus the cherry - no one puts cherries on top of cupcakes!

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<3 Rose

Roses and hearts aren't very different, both are soft and beautiful, both bloom under the right conditions and both can be crushed if not handled correctly.


only with shamrocks and horse shoes instead of flowers, and a tiara instead of the cherry. Maybe as a tramp stamp ;