Kitchen Organization Quick Tip: Put a Lid on It

Need to do a major organization overhaul in your kitchen? This is the BEST out there for organizing every thing you can imagine in your kitchen. Via  A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl Full of Lemons - 14 week challenge to organize your home. Starts with the kitchen!

How to organize a small pantry - Ask Anna

Deep cabinets~Thinking about buying baskets for our cabinet that is skinny and deep just like this.

5 Ways To Organize And Simplify Your Kitchen

5 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen

5 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen - A trio of experts weighs in on the steps you need to take to create a structured, stress-free kitchen! STORE STUFF WHERE YO…

Spice Clips-Organizing tip- if you have a very small kitchen and you are looking for ways to save space and get the most use out of what you have, check out tools used to organize RV's.  Tons of other tips from my newsletter

Spice Clips 92102 Cabinet Door Spice Rack

Spice Rack Storage/Organizer- Organizes 12 spice jars on the inside of a cupboard or on the door. Love that vertical space!

Plate Cradles - Fresh Finds - Kitchen > Storage & Organization on Wanelo

Organizacion - Organizer - Organizers stand plates upright to make the most out of every crevice of cabinet space. Securely stores up to 6 standard-size salad/dessert plates or dinner plates

This might make the tiny refrigerator easier to manage.

See the "Fridge Turntable" in our Kitchen Organizers gallery.Refrigerator door space is prime kitchen real estate. Free it up by moving a few necessities to a turntable, where they’ll still be easy to grab.

Organizing Made Fun - Add shelves to cabinets.  I have those shelves!  I've used a couple in the bathroom cabinet, but I have an extra that I think I'll put in a kitchen cabinet. :D

Gain more space with stacking shelves in cabinets. 31 Days of Spontaneous Organizing - Day Kitchen Cupboards