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Index Card Calendar

A desktop planner born from our love of index cards. Each month has its own letterpress card, divided up for your appointments & dates.

With his beautifully designed calendar, Philip Stroomberg has added an innovative twist to the art of datekeeping. Unlike the traditional calendar, the Cube Calendar invites you to pick it up and touch it every day. It has hundreds of paperboard chips with dates and quotes – even a few Easter eggs – that you tear off as the year goes on. It’s not a messy sheaf of paper hanging from a nail on your wall, but rather a compact object that slowly changes shape in your hands. Made in the…

Bring a little style to the art of date keeping by swapping your old wall calendar for the cube calendar. It features hundreds of paperboard chips you tear off to reveal the current date in addition to fun quotes and even a few Easter eggs.

Present - Ball Calendar

A super cool, space-age, perpetual calendar which comes in the form of a weighted ball. It has 3 rings, all marked up with the day, date and month.

rung calendar

The rings sit on the wall bracket and you can spin them daily to indicate date, month and date. The largest ring measures and the calendar is in height, once put together. Designed by Sebastian Bergne.

44flavours — Print & Editorial

is an art duo based in Kreuzberg – Berlin, consisting of Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle.

SIEC signage - Graphis

Freestanding directional pylon at Sustainable Industries Education Centre (SIEC), Adelaide, Australia by Parallax Design

Golden Gate Bridge, paper model kit with pre-cut details || 46 inches long || red color

Golden Gate Bridge Paper Model Craft Kit sold by Paperlandmarks. Shop more products from Paperlandmarks on Storenvy, the home of independent small businesses all over the world.

Medieval Weapons Push Pins

Medieval Weapons Push Pins

Show the office memos no mercy as you impale them with the weapon push pins. These novelty push pins come designed like miniature versions of deadly weapons and work great for pinning documents and bringing some barbaric levity to the work place.


New York : Art direction / Creative Direction / Graphic Design / Video

Would be PERFECT for my boyfriend! Guitarists would love this.

If you play the guitar and are looking for way to use up dead gift cards look no further then the Pick Punch. The Pick Punch turns old gift cards into guitar

This is The Life Calendar by Brigada Creative. It isn’t a traditional calendar, it doesn’t have any dates. The Life Calendar’s just got a bunch (365, to be exact) of circles so you can draw an emoticon based on how you feel about your day. If you’ve got a long string of sad faces you might want to re-evaluate your life. You know, like talk to a therapist, take anger management classes, or I dunno, start looking at the bright side. At least you’re alive, right? And, uh, you have a calendar…

“Life Calendar: How was your day? by Brigada Creativa “ Life Calendars is a serie of a different calendars which highlights an aspect of life.