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Syncretism by Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos' Paintings Artfully Blend Imagery From Disparate Genres

"Out Of The Square" -- by Cesar Santos (1982) Interesting to see Mondrian softened.

Cesar Santos (1982)

Salvatore Ferragamo (June 5, 1898 – August 7, 1960) was an Italian shoe designer. He worked with many Hollywood stars in the 1920s, before returning to Italy to found the eponymous company making unique hand-made footwear. His scientific and creative approach to shoes spawned many innovations such as the wedge heel and cage heel.

Pietro Annigoni - - portrait of Salvatore Ferragamo - - shoe designer, founder of Eponymous Co

Cesar Santos... | Kai Fine Art

Cesar Santos...

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Narrative Spark: 'Vincenzo believed that he had woken from a dream. At first, he stared out from the frame into the strange world awaiting him, before stepping out to discover where he was and what had brought him to this place.' (Pere Borrell del Caso - 'Huyendo de la crítica', 1874.)

trapcard: via-appia: Escaping Criticism, 1874 Pere Borrell del Caso “the fuck you just say to me, boy you mustsa lost yo god damn mind”

Cesar Santos

El sincretismo pictórico de César Santos

Can you combine Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Hello Kitty? Cesar Santos can. The Cuban-American artist weaves together complex and divergent art forms int.

Cesar Santos: Masterful Sketch Book

I feel inadequate.