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GEIKO o GEISHA ? In realtà non vi è differenza... Geiko è il termine preferito a Kioto per identificare una Geisha.

This group celebrates the Geisha and Maiko, in all their extraordinary grace and beauty.

Love, Ashley Designs: Alice falling down the rabbit hole!

I love the idea but the Alice's would need to be way more detailed and not a solid background. Just like when Lily went evil in Legend. I wonder what sorts of adventures Evil Alice has?

Traditional Geisha.

Because of the rainy weather, these two new maiko in Miyagawa-cho had to wear plastic covers over their priceless silk brocade obi on the day of their misedashi (their first day as.


Famous Mineko Iwasaki as Geiko. Eri-kae or "turning of the collar" is the stage when a maiko, after years of training, become Geiko. During this period they sport a hairstyle called Sakkou and dance a special number called Kurokami ("Jet-black Hair").


Kyoto, una geisha con i suoi geta e tabi / Kyoto, a geisha with her geta and tabi