Steampunk Leg

The Second full Steampunk Leg I have Made. Made with: Veg tanned leather Rivets Buckles Brass Copper Odds and Ends Blood. This leg took around 35 hours to complete.

Foam armor tutorial

Brace yourselves! The MEGA tutorial is coming. Part 1 Foam Shaping, Part 2 Foam Detailing, Part 3 Worbla You will need to view full size to read t. Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Wrapped boots

Wrapped boots for trekking through the deep forests. If you have boots that aren't quite 'fantasy/post-apoc' like, get some linen and tear it in long strips (or coffee stain cheese cloth) and wrap it around your not-so-fantasy-boots

Steampunk train barbeque grill

If you're really into trains and grilling - Man Builds A Choo Choo Train BBQ Grill - Well Done Stuff!

Okay! I’ve received so many questions about how I made this arm. I got the idea…

kitty-maru: “ Okay! I’ve received so many questions about how I made this arm. I got the idea from this lovely robo arm and as it turned out, she also used the same base pattern that I had planned to.

Steampunked террариумов - профессора Александра Ботанический Vasculum (ГАЛЕРЕЯ)

Steampunked Terrariums

Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum – Steamed 300 watt Moss Terrarium from Etsy seller SteamedGlass is a beautiful blown-glass steampunk Rube Goldberg terrarium: “This is the…

fantasy gun build

Steampunk weapon -- conversion of toy flintlock and water pistol. I just happen to have a toy flintlock lurking around.

steampunk_arm by hellboarder, via Flickr

Bizarre & Stylish Steampunk Creations - StumbleUpon Steampunk hydraulic arm enhancer when you need a lot of power right away