tattoo men - Ella Masters illustration

I have recently been working on developing my own personal style with my illustratiosn, combing my two favourite things, beards and tattoos.

Home, sweets, pets & patterns…pretty much all I need to get me through a good day! More watercolors by Yuliya, posted on the blog:


Yuliya Blueberry Scones - like the mix of pattern and flowers, lovely blue background too

Kunst für Leichtmatrosen: Poster mit Illustration / poster with illustration of a bearded man by Hellicopter via

A3 Poster "sailors son"

by Ben Shahn: ink and watercolor, by Ben Shahn  I don't know why...but I think this would be an awesome tattoo...

I love the contrast in this illustration by artist Ben Shahn ~ the subject's demeanor vs. the brightness of the ice cream cone. Line drawing vs. gobs of color.