// The 100 // literally dying // Bellarke forever //

// The 100 // literally dying // Bellarke forever // "hey wifey"

"Hug time?!?" -Bellamy "You guys just did last episode?!?" -Jason "But Dad I love her?!?" -Bellamy #The100 #Bellarke

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The children weren't listening.  Inner monolog. Bellarke tumblr.

I love this Bellarke thing! Best are "the children were not listening" and Octavia like "I represent the fandom, long may they reign"

The 100 thoughts

Bellarke - I don't know what happened here but I kinda love it haha finn

their relationship broke my heart real bad

their relationship broke my heart real bad----- yea, BUT WAIT! The mcu conspiracy number!

Tell me. I want to know. The 100

*Bellamy looks at Clarke for a split second* Me: oh my goodness he loves her, he's going to propose, they're going to kiss.

We've never really heard anything of Lincoln's past before.

Not only did it give us an answer as to why Lincoln protected Octavia, but it also creates this mutual respect between Bellamy and Lincoln. Plus, it just breaks my heart when Lincoln says this

❤️ The 100 BELLARKE ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin had a one night stand when ALLIE was destroyed. Praimfaya left Clarke alone in th.