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TuaregBlue++ tuareg tea

The Tuaregs, Sahara's 'Blue Men' - Africa is Back - Quora

Tuareg man pouring out tea in Mali. I want to have tea with him and talk about life.

dynamicafrica: “ Posher than the Queen of England. “ Tuareg man pouring out tea Mali (by Sergio Pessolano via capturethisworld) ” ”

Tuareg tea - Thè tuareg by Piero Zilio, via Flickr

Tuareg man pours tea in the cup without looking at it. Un tuareg versa il thè nel bicchiere senza guardare.

Antalya, bride's dress. Turkey. Turkey is south of Euro and border with North Africa , so their clothes is colourful with basic shape textile

A bride's dress in, Turkey, Antalya. Turkey is south of Euro and border with North Africa , so their clothes is colorful with basic shape textile.

Anciennes Photos d'Algériens - Forum Algerie - forum algérien de rencontre et de débat

You are looking at an intriguing picture of Sheik of a Palestine village. This color photochrome print was taken between 1890 and 1900 in Palestine.

Moroccan man (in the description it says it is a djellaba but i looked for more and I don't know what it is that this man is wearing, but I like it!)

Traditional Dress of Morocco The traditional dress for both Moroccan men and women is the djellaba, a long, hooded robe with long, full sleeves. In some regions, this robe is more than just decorative; it is also used to convey marital status.

Many Tuareg men swath their heads in thick turbans to protect them from extreme heat, light and wind. It is also effective protection from the harsh desert sands.

Sktchy inspiration by Jinta DreaMZ on Sktchy

Hausa People in Nigeria

The Hausa (also known as Hausawa, Haoussa, Ausa, Habe, Mgbakpa) are one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa and the largest ethnic .