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Tibetan Landscape

Taken on the Nepal to Lhasa highway between Gyantse and Lhasa. Tibet is a harsh land with vivid contrasts.


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC presents 100 Days in Tibet – the promise photographed by York Hovest for the Dalai Lama as an illustrated book and live reportage.


The Larung Wuming Buddhist Institute, in the remote Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, is home to thousands of monks and nuns. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)-Stunning photos from Tibetan Buddhists’ Bliss Dharma Assembly - The Washington Post

Viajes Tibet China: El baño de sol del Buda gigante | El Viajero | EL PAÍS

El baño de sol del Buda gigante

China: Tibetan Buddhist monks unveil giant painting of Buddha at Labrang Monastery [Photo report]

The significance of yaks for Tibetan people

Yak is a unique species on the Tibetan plateau and plays a significant role in Tibetan people’s daily life. Tibetan people rely on yak milk for food and transportation.

Porte tibétaine - Tibet

Tibetan mastiff guarding the main entrance to ganden chökhorling monastery, tsetang, tibet. Tibet is a different nation of China. Tibet is not a part of China but a country.

Tibet Travel: Camping at Namtso Lake Day 7

Travelers to Tibet are increasingly aware of the need to support the Tibetan economy and culture by hiring a Tibetan travel agent and local Tibetan guides, but how can you be sure your guide is a local Tibetan?

A fortress in the sky, the last forbidden kingdom of Tibetan culture

A fortress in the sky, the last forbidden kingdom of Tibetan culture

A new road connecting China to Nepal may offer an opening to one of the great walled cities of the world.