Wish I had this! I love it!

The armor on this looks really nice. you can tell work went into making the armor look like a mech sort of assassin.

Knights and Armor. : Photo

Bane - One of the 5 lieutenants who rule over the Cult of the Damned, answers to Lord Vile Rules over Ziggurat Decay.

Shamash Ninja

Shamash Ninja, advanced – Galaxy Saga character concept by Vlad Marica

Arioch sk, Leonid Kozienko on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/arioch-sk

Arioch sk by agnidevi humanoid mecha mech armor robot cyborg armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

cosplay armadura de ruiseñor de skyrim, pero real claramente... *-*

Now I wouldn't want something this bulky or stiff, but imagine it made of a more flexible material (still could have hard parts -- armor, but not so clumpy).