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Land of the Dead - love this picture

Land of the Dead - Artist Unknown (I have had recurring nightmares about Lake Zombies since I was about 4 years old. Zombies coming out of water are one of the few horror movie things that creeps me out.


Sandy Hogan [watching a zombie film]: "I thought that guy was dead.

The Death by *Joe-Roberts

The Death by *Joe-Roberts - Zombies


Zombies feasting on a woman.

#Walking Dead fan art

The Walking Dead Forever club. This is a the walking dead fan page

Visual/Practical Effects on this show are LITERALLY stunning. WOW! I am grossed out almost every episode, but I LOVEEE IT! The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead gas station zombie girl

Now Charlie can go take revenge on those other mean kids... starting with Lucy

Poor Charlie Brown the zombie

The Walken Dead. #christopherwalken #zombie

What better way to celebrate halloween than with a tongue in cheek walking dead tribute.

I saw this on etsy so I drew it and stuck it on my fridge. Lol

Zombies gonna eat u

The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier, Glenn Rhee, Maggie Greene, Michonne, Tara Chambler, Sasha Williams, Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, Eugene Porter, Gabriel Stokes, Deanna Monroe, Aaron, Jessie Anderson, Spencer Monroe, and Morgan Jones

The Walking Dead Season 6 Family. Except for Father Gabriel.