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Joe Madureira (@JoeMadx) on Twitter

INHUMAN New Inhumans are transformed every day as the Terrigen Mist spreads around the world. Queen Medusa finds herself face to face with Captain America, and it doesn’t go well. Who is Lash and what does he want with the new Inhumans?

Joe Madureira

Inferno screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

Lavace Dark City Comics by BrianFajardo on DeviantArt

Here's another commission OC for Lavace is a villain from Dark City Comics Watch out for their issue soon.

Darksiders. the ineffable work of Joe Madureira..possibly the greatest set of artworks associated with any game!!

the ineffable work of Joe Madureira.possibly the greatest set of artworks associated with any game!

Fire-drakes or Uruloki are a type of Dragon in Middle-earth. They are very…

Which Element Is Your Inner Dragon?

Sneak peek at Avenging Spider-Man by Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira featuring Spider-Man and the Red Hulk against the Moloids!

Com Wolverine Imortal mostrando uma trama bacana de Logan no cinema (se você não viu, vá e veja, o filme é bem incrível), é um ótimo momento para lembrar das origens do personagem, entender como é que um coadjuvante do gibi do Hulk se tornou um dos maiores astros da Marvel. E lá se vão quase […]

As melhores histórias em quadrinhos com o Wolverine escolhidas a dedo


the-liger-art: “ Darksiders: Death by Liger-Inuzuka Initializing artist’s comments… Side, quick painting of Death from Darksiders. We had a desire to depict Death with lovely long hair.

Mephisto - CBR

11 Marvel Villains More Dangerous Than Thanos