It’s easy to related Scandinavia with a culture and a group of people at a certain part of the globe. But when it comes to interior design, Scandinavian-inspired themes emphasize.

女性で、4LDK、家族住まいの部屋全体/アクセントクロス/北欧/RC広島支部/イームズ/unico オーダーラグ…などについてのインテリア実例を紹介。「娘が小学生になりました(*^^*) プリント関係の収納が大の苦手な私…( ;∀;) 幼稚園からの継続でキッチンの棚にハードタイプのクリアケースにはせて置いてます…(´・c_・`) やだー…すでにどんどん増えてるんですけどー…(T^T) 」(この写真は 2015-04-09 22:26:39 に共有されました)

Overview/アクセントクロス/北欧/RC広島支部/イームズ/unico オーダーラグ…などのインテリア実例 -2015-04-09 22:26:39

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Home of H&M’s head of design (COCO LAPINE DESIGN)

Home of H&M’s head of design (COCO LAPINE DESIGN)

The dining room of Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, head of home design for the Swedish fashion and home brand H&M, features a pared down, modern aesthetic. Tour the rest of the home here.

glazed bricks / table

tiled wall, mismatched wood chairs, how charming :) Orsjo Lamp (White on the right) available at Dream interiors.

sillas de comedor con mesa redonda #disenio

The dinning room of a private residence in Coimbra, Portugal. DUNA chairs and Dizzie table by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper. Love those floors.


I just love this sleek designed bugalow/kitchen area with black walls & open shelving! The yellow chair adds perfect POP of color, along with that old lamp on the DRESSER underneath the dish shelving because hey, it's a bungalow!

Joululoma alkoi! Ensilomatöikseni ryhdistäydyn blogin saralla. Vuosi on ollut hurja ja tekemistä niin, että moni aiemmin iisiltä tuntuva päivitys on vain jäänyt tekemättä. IG sentään on päivittynyt ta

Mitä kotiin kuuluu? (Varpunen)

This square foot Brooklyn home tour makes some big design choices, like a bold teal sofa, a stunning kitchen, mixed bath tiles and more.

Dream White Scandinavian Home With Lots Of Character 32 скандинавский интерьер белая столовая скандинавская кухня

The Simple Yet Breath-Taking Beauty of a Scandinavian White Haven

Dream White Scandinavian Home With Lots Of Character 32 скандинавский интерьер…