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Tipografia / Soffici

Simultaneità e Chimismi lirici Simultaneity and Lyrical Chemistry) is a poetry book and artist's book published in 1915 by the Italian futurist Ardengo Soffici / Tipografia, a page from the Chimismi Lirici section

Futurist book design and typography

Francesco Cangiullo: Piedigrotta: Manifesto on the Dynamic and Synoptic Declamation [Italian] — Monoskop Log

Filipo Tommaso Marinetti - Words in Liberty, 1909

Filipo Tommaso Marinetti - Words in Liberty, 1909 Com o manifesto futurista…

Conjunto documental Futurismo Italiano | Archivo Lafuente

Marinetti Zang Tumb Tumb - Adrianopoli -Parole in liberta 1914 "Zang Tumb Tumb"

F.Marinetti les mots en liberté 1913 Annonce le mot-librisme (poétique futuriste)

Marinetti - Parolibero (Рarole in liberta - Words in freedom) "Vive la France" - Montagne + Vallate + Strade х Joffre (Mountain + Valleys + Roads х Joffre) - 1915

Futurist Typography & The Liberated Text

In the Evening, Lying on Her Bed, She Reread the Letter from Her Artilleryman at the Front by Filippo Marinetti, 1919

ZANG-TUMB TUMB-TUMB TUUUUUM  by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1912 - 1914).

Après la Marne, Joffre visita le front en auto (After the Marne, Joffre Visited the Front by Car), by Marinetti, 1915