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LL Cool J and co-star Chris O'Donnell make a run for it as the two action stars film a scene for "NCIS: Los Angeles" in LA.

Saison 7 en cours

NCIS: Los Angeles - The Fourth Season - Back from Romania, Callen returns to face the fallout from the public shooting of Chameleon.

Hetty & Granger - 7.19 The Seventh Child..

NCIS: Los Angeles paid tribute to the late Miguel Ferrer in its Sunday, March 5 episode, and also was written out of the crime series. The actor, who played Owen Granger on the CBS show since

NCIS Los Angeles Seasons 1-6 DVD

NCIS Los Angeles Seasons 1-8 Set on DVD

Hawaii Five-0 NCIS: Los Angeles Cross Over

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and the NCIS: Los Angeles task force team up in Hawaii when there's a…