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This lightweight and comfortable open-front bird cloak will add an element of class and fantasy to any costume. Patterned after the real image of a

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Interesting fabric manipulation

innovative textiles design for fashion - structural fabric manipulation with an artful use of cut, fold & repetition to create patterns & two tone textures // iris van herpen

Strip Morphologies II by Mode Lab, via Behance

Strip Morphologies II by Mode Lab, via Behance

Bronnen: http://eyespired.nl/t-shirt-.Vogeltshirt vogel The T-shirt Issue is een interdisciplinair collectief dat mode, design en technologie combineert en zo unieke basic kleding maakt, variërend van dagelijkse draagbare outfits tot complete conceptuele installaties. Uitgangspunt voor deze shirts zijn de frames uit de studie van Eadweard Muybridge naar dierlijke motoriek. Elk t-shirt geeft een frame weer van een vliegende vogel.

Sculptural Fashion // a tshirt fashion graduate piece artwork, amazing fabric manipulation

whatisindustrialdesign:  hoyss:  Dallas International Conference Center by Austrian firm… / hoyss:  Dallas International Conference Center by Austrian firm Coop Himmelb(l)au.  http://ift.tt/YGPTw2 posted by Whatisindustriald  Defringe.com

Texture and Pattern // the layers on the facade are beautiful at the Dalian International Conference Center by Coop Himmelb(l)au

Processing – Art Génératif | Jim Caignard

Processing – Art Génératif | Jim Caignard

Code:    -Get tool dimension, step-over, max depth & direction for cut (x,y)    -Extract isocurves of a surface @ the percentage of step-over multiplied by the tool dimension    -For every point along each isocurve check the z depth    -Move each point along the surface based on its z-depth    -Calculate the largest depth & divide by the maximum depth for the tool    -Create stepped isocurves vertically based on the calculated max depth

Path Responsive Surface Milling How-To. All studies were done by Skylar Tibbits in collaboration with Point b design.