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Akatsuki no Yona Opening

Akatsuki no Yona Opening

Akatsuki no Yona - mommy Zeno <<<THE FEEEEEEEEEEELSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geeeez, the Zeno feels. [Akatsuki no Yona ch. A Red Star Ascends]

Lol inluv dees boys

Hak and Gija are Gimli and Legolas, and it makes me so happy. XD [Yona of the Dawn]

Yona of the dawn Yona, Jea-ha,  Shin-ah

Jae-ha trying to see Shin-ah' s eyes. XD Anime: Akasaki no Yona (recommended to be watched)

Akatsuki no yona | Hahaha. Jaeha always try to do lovely thing to yona like he want her attention

Akatsuki no Yona ♥ (Yona of the Dawn) ♡ Jae-Ha, Yona, and Zeno

The definition of Jaeha. Right here. LOL ♡>>>> I don't care if I have already pinned this!!!!!!

Do we know any other cute pirate guys with hair covering one eye who are TOTALLY chivalrous and would never hurt a girl.