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A drawing of myself as a voodoo doll.  Like my art? Also check me out at: vX8gCw9_QqfGYV8w

A drawing of myself as a voodoo doll If, you like this drawing then check out…

Another Copic Attempt. Not to bad. Voodoo doll (c) Sandy Cheairs

Another Copic Attempt. Voodoo doll (c) Sandy Cheairs Voodoo Child Colored

Voodoo doll

Sugar+Fueled+Voodoo+Doll+Pink+Girl+lowbrow+by+Sugarfueledart great idea for my next

voodoo devil by oldboot1

voodoo devil inspired for some unknown reason by the film ghost rider? copywrite on cathy sue williamson 2009 voodoo devil

voodoo doll drawing - Google zoeken

Karl Williams uploaded this image to 'Sketches'. See the album on Photobucket.