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When I see a cute guy.


creme bed sheet, thick nautical rope spray painted gold, messy hair - little mermaid


Ariel is the Disney princess that i find cutest. I think its because of her innocence, and her will to learn stuff. Shes kinda like a cute little kid to me.

Mulan is The Dragon Warrior

Yeah I believe this theory that Mulan IS the Great Stone Dragon . 'Super Carlin Brothers' the you tube channel made a theory video on this.

Peter Pan is DEEP <---- Yeah!! I'm so glad this thread had someone who actually read the book!

Pardon some of the language but this is a very in depth analysis of Peter Pan. Being a lit nerd, It's fascinating! A Little Long But An Interesting Read. I never knew ANY of this!

Another reason to love the Little Mermaid - Max, the goofy, friendly sheepdog of Eric