Janice Wu. I love how beautiful she makes the normal or useless

Yunus Ak

Gouache Drawings by Janice Wu: Vancouver-based artist Janice Wu has recently created a series of artworks based on the everyday


Inspiring image brand, cartoon, illustration, make up, postcards from far away - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Very nice gouache drawing of reciepts - by Janice Wu of Vancouver.

Janice Wu

Janice Wu creates meticulous drawings of everyday found objects - blanket made of 'everyday scenes'?

Vintage Teacups Art Print from Original Ink and Watercolour Illustration

not only do I love tea but the vintage style of a true teacup and saucer is beautiful. Would be a truly unique to me tattoo.


This project was created during Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells (MATS) class. For bolt fabric week, we had to create a vintage inspired design using the fun theme of berries and vintage pyrex!

Amy van Luijk, simple, drawing, collage, beauty, illustration, colour, toiletries

Today I bring you the work of Amy van Luijk. Amy is an illustrator with frequent motifs of patterns in her work- so it makes sense that she is also a textile designer. Below are some of my favorite pattern-centric pieces of hers.