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Funny pictures about We are very concerned. Oh, and cool pics about We are very concerned. Also, We are very concerned.

Now this is somethin' you don't see everyday!  :)

Cat pushing dog on wooden horse: Ok, but. next time it's my turn. - Give your friends a smile: share this!

Kissy Kissy Harp Seals

Harp seals migrate with the seasons and steer by the stars The harp seal is one of 19 species of 'true seal'. This marine mammal belongs to a group of animals

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Largely confined to a platform of ice, a newborn harp seal begins to shed its white coat after two weeks, about the time its mother leaves. Photograph by Jennifer Hayes and David Doubilet.

Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear. And that's the cutest thing I have ever seen

Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear

Funny pictures about Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear. Oh, and cool pics about Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear. Also, Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear photos.