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The Dead Bride. It's been supposed she's dead, looking at her hands, eyes and the dead flowers in her hands.also, young unmarried ladies were often put in wedding dresses as a symbol of purity when meeting God.

bambina foto post mortem

These Haunting Victorian Death Portraits Are Both Sad and Beautiful 8 11 This photo includes the littlest child, who's being propped up to fall in line with her siblings.

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Early Post-Mortem Photography | Fotografias Post-Mortem

According to the photograph notes, this older child is dressed in a white gown and wedding veil, with a rosary and cross, to symbolize her being a pure “bride of Christ”.


This is a post mortem picture with her daughter, you think she would maybe express her anguish in her eyes not happiness to be taking a photo.

21 Fotografie Post-Mortem dell'epoca Vittoriana 20

Victorian Era post mortem photography * Which sister in this photograph still breathes mortal air?

21 Fotografie Post-Mortem dell'epoca Vittoriana 02

Some pinners say memento mori, but I don't think so. The stand/brace seen behind him is not indicative of a post mortem photograph, despite what you might read on many similar pins.

Decomposition obvious

Girl with decompostion. Many times the photographer was not immediately available. (This would be an unfortunate permanent reminder of the deceased.) She looks like little Wayne.

Very pretty girl

This site exists to discredit the idea of the Victorian standing post mortem photo. Post mortem photos do exist, but none of them are stand alone.

Post Mortem Vintage Memento Mori

Victorian Postmortem, one of the most interesting and unique post mortem photographs I've ever seen. dont know if the 2 girls are also postmortem.

A stand commonly used for post-mortem photography.

Post-Mortem Photography was an important part of dealing with the death of a loved one in the Victorian era. This article explains the fascinating truth behind the photos of the dead.