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El fotógrafo Jono Rotman pasó ocho años con la pandilla neozelandesa Mighty Mongrel Mob.

Fotografías de la pandilla más grande de Nueva Zelanda

Photographer Jono Rotman spent eight years with the Mighty Mongrel Mob.


Fuck off please / custom, patch, badge, broderie, message...

バイク好きで知られる人気俳優ユアン・マクレガーがまたがる、このオールドバイクの正体は?? - LAWRENCE(ロレンス) - 男と女のバイクキュレーションマガジン

Ewan MacGregor on an Ossa. I can pretend I can ride a motorcycle. You should watch my movie while I fall off a BMW 200 times on a ride around the world.

Get yourself a motorcycle. ‘Nuff said. Paul Newman — this pic is flawess. From the white jeans, to the boots, to the dirtbike. 1971 ~ Paul Newman in Oregon on the set of “Sometime…

ca. 1972 — Robert Redford, looking very Jeremiah Johnson here, on his Yamaha dirt bike — Image by Orlando Globey Robert Redford stumbled upon what would become Sundance while riding his motorcycle.





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