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Wouldjesusdiscriminate.com...always need to brush up on relevant passages for conversation later....

"The bible says gay people are going to hell"--- Just to be clear, I looked these verses up, and though I don't understand the first one (maybe I have the wrong version of the bible) the rest are all legit.

Okay this is kind of wrong bc it's basically saying If you don't post it you'll die. I'm only posting it bc I love God. You won't die if you don't post it and god won't be mad at you if you post it.

"Nowadays, male homosexuality is viewed as 'weak' and 'feminine' But that wasn't always the case. Ancient Sparta, for example. Spartan soldiers were encouraged to develop homoerotic relationships with each other to increase unit cohesion. The same was true for samurai of feudal Japan.

The policing of these antiquated gender stereotypes needs to die. If you identify as a man, then you are manly. Your sexuality is irrelevant.

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I grew up with people telling me God loves everyone regardless of their sins; so when I saw people saying "God hates fags" I was confused because I've always been told God loves everyone

First of all, God doesn't hate gay people. God doesn't hate anybody. - When a man dressed as Satan speaks more accurately about God than your pastor, you know something is wrong. Preach it Satan.

I wish people understood this more.

I can't stand when people use the word gay that way. It makes them sound homophobic or they're just homophobic in general.

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