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Andiamo a vivere su Marte. Per sempre

Image - Mars' Syrtis Major Region and Hellas Impact Crater

Les fleurs du mâle

In one week, the three planets (Venus, Mars and Jupiter) will be aligned, making them visible to us Earthly creatures. Another planetary conjunction won’t take place again until We highly urge.

Hubble Sees Celestial Fireworks --- by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

What If We Had No Moon?

What If We Had No Moon?

Full moon in the darkness of the night sky. It is patterned with a mix of light-tone regions and darker, irregular blotches, and scattered with varying sizes of impact craters, circles surrounded by out-thrown rays of bright ejecta.

Storms on Uranus Observed From Hawaii. Infrared image of Uranus acquired from the Keck Observatory on Aug. 6 2014

Storms on Uranus Observed From Hawaii

Wrapped in an atmosphere tinted pale blue by high-altitude methane, Uranus has occasionally been observed to develop large storms in its frigid windy skies. NASA’s Voyager 2 saw a few small storm c…

Saturn by  NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute / Gordan Ugarkovic via slate.com: On Oct. 10, 2013, Cassini took 36 shots of Saturn, a dozen each using red, green, and blue filters which approximate true color.  Croatian software developer and “amateur” astronomical image processor Gordan Ugarkovic grabbed the raw files, processed them, and ... Go here to see it in full resolution. http://www.flickr.com/photos/badastronomy/10328043663/sizes/o/in/photostream/ #Photography #Saturn

RIDICULOUSLY Awesome Picture of Saturn As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Saturn by NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute / Gordan Ugarkovic On Oct. Cassini took 36 shots of Saturn.

Mind-Blowing Image of Milky Way Galaxy at Wilson Beach in Australia

The Milky Way at Wilsons Beach (near Airlie Beach) > Queensland, Australia (amazing photo by Jay Daley).

It's a familiar image, our blue planet suspended in the dark expanse of space.    But now the famous 'Blue Marble' photograph, originally taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft, on 7 December 1972, has been updated.    This striking image of the Earth was taken on 4 January 2012 from Suomi NPP, NASA's most recently launched Earth-observing satellite.

The Blue Marble: New Photo Of Earth

NASA has proclaimed this image the MOST amazing high definition image of Earth ever. This ‘Blue Marble’ image of the Earth was taken from the VIIRS instrument aboard NASA’s most recently launched Earth-observing satellite – Suomi NPP.

An illustration of how mass in the Universe distorts space-time (NASA)

Why is this famous physicist tweeting rumors about gravitational waves?

Gravity bends more than just space. It bends time. A massive object such as the Earth does indeed distort the fabric of space and time. This explains why GPS satellites must correct for time distortion: it passes more quickly in orbit than on the Earth.

179 July 15th Conjunction. The Moon, Venus and Jupiter.

The Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Aldebaran making a square in the sky just before sunrise. Honestly this is beauty!

Nuff said!

NASA's Chandra finds youngest nearby Black Hole: SN is a supernova that was seen to explode in 1979 from Earth, found in the galaxy

unknown artist - Maybe something like this, with "Organized Chaos" written in the trees

Photographer of the Month: Toby Harriman

Beautiful shot of the expansive milky way. _______________________ Your planet needs you! We're looking for young creatives to get involved in this year's ‪ to inspire the world to live a more thoughtful lifestyle… Photography by Toby Harrison