Todd Hido, Houses at Night

Houses at Night-Todd Hido is an American contemporary artist and photographer. Currently based in San Francisco, much of Hido's work involves photographs of urban and suburban housing across the U.

House Hunting – Todd Hido (2001) | Somewhere

Todd Hido, Homes at Night, Houses. My favorite Hido. I wish I could afford…

Moments Intimes avec Todd Hido

“I’m an art photographer,” Todd Hido explained. “I just do photos of suburban neighborhoods.” “Well,” the guy said, “be careful. The cars come roaring through here.

Todd Hido

Todd Hido

A stunning series of eerie, low-light photos by photographer Todd Hido called Homes at Night from his book House Hunting .

Todd Hido - Window

"Todd Hido's large color photographs of suburbia are lonely, forlorn, mysterious. Hido photographs the interior rooms of repossessed tract homes, and the outsides of similar houses at night whose habitation is suggested