Bob Dylan born as Robert Allen Zimmerman - American musician, singer-songwriter, artist, and writer.

Bob Dylan- a study in introspection. (by Jerry Schatzberg)                                                                                                                                                      More

Bob Dylan Talks: A Raw and Extensive First Rolling Stone Interview

Bob Dylan in 1963 In Cuba I remember a street singer who besides a guitar and a philharmonic uses his feet to play a drum and cymbals and over his head had a basket to get the money from the people

Bob Dylan: 30 greatest songs

A group of Swedish scientists who are fans of Bob Dylan's music made a bet 17 years ago to see who could work more of the folk singer's song lyrics into their scholarly articles.

Já que é para te cor distante, que seja como música! | Dylan

Bob Dylan * with Cigarette in Harmonica Holder, Philadelphia, 1964 photo Daniel Kramer

allez une petite dernière de #Lynn_Goldsmith #Bob_Dylan, magnifique.

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Bob Dylan looking down. Today: Bob Dylan released “Infidels” in 1983 – 29 years ago

Bob Dylan and Suzie Rotolo in West Village, New York City, February 1963. Photograph: Don Hunstein.

By Don Hunstein - Bob Dylan and his muse, artist Suze Rotolo, walk down West Street in Greenwich Village, 1961

Bob Dylan then by Annie Leibowvitz

The Essential Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan — Escucha y descubre música en Last.

Beautiful Bob Dylan......

Bob Dylan -- After time with Johnny Cash, Dylan converted. "Ya Gotta Serve Someone. Sure sounds like something Johnny Cash would say. It's just so Logical and Simple.

「60年代のボブ・ディラン 興味を起こさせるカラー写真46枚」をヴィンテージ写真サイトが特集紹介 - amass

「60年代のボブ・ディラン 興味を起こさせるカラー写真46枚」をヴィンテージ写真サイトが特集紹介

vintage everyday: 46 Interesting Color Photos of Young Bob Dylan in the

Bob Dylan                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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