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Dark Angels

The Dark Angels are considered amongst the most powerful and secretive of the Loyalist Space.

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remake of my old pic God-Emperor of Humankind, Warhammer turned out quite symbolic and moreover, a new step in digital painting for me.

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[IMG] }{The Dark Angels Chapter}{ The Dark Angels Chapter envisions the initial deployment of strike forces to Arkhona with the opportunity to.

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Another Space Hulk tribute piece. This time it´s Deathwing Space Marines advancing into the unknown vastness of a derelict Spacecraft.

asklionjonson: “ ask-azrael: “ ask-randommechanicusguy: “ “ Dark Angels Librarian by Tom Parrish ” “ why is it all the paintings and pictcaps are of your sons. I think the mechanicus needs more attention.

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Sysarinoras the Blind, Grand Septarch - predicted "a force is coming" and that "the stars will change"...has not been seen for sometime...

Amach Anseo the Blind, Grand Septarch - predicted "a force is coming" and that…

Warhammer 40K by uncannyknack on DeviantArt

Recent commission of a Consecrator marine - took my time making sire canon was observed on this but still had to take a couple of Mk series liberties to make the drawing work