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The Janoskians (Luke, Jai, Beau, James and Daniel)

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Beau was really really sorry he took James phone so he went and bought a new shirt

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Imagine Beau did something that pissed you off and to apologize he came up to you wearing this shirt

I am obsessed with the Janoskians!! From left to right: Daniel Sahyounie (Skip), Luke Brooks, Beau Brooks, James Yammouni, Jai Brooks. (Im pretty sure I got Jai and Luke right. They are twins so its hard to tell sometimes >.<) LOVE YOU GUYZZ you are amazing <3

I am obsessed with the Janoskians! In this order , Beau Brooks,Luke Brooks, Jai Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie and James yammouni. LOVE YOU GUYZZ you are amazing

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Jai brooks trying to beat up beau brooks bc beau walked him in a wall blind folded haha poor jai typical beau

when you search "jai brooks" and ariana pops up too.

Luke & Beau gif. - Professional Skipping

James) "im here with skipping world champs Bo Bo and Lukey Pookie!" Beau) "when I Skip nobody skips!" Skip) anyone wanna watch the skipping championship?