'Izayoi' Moon Reeds 100 Linen indigo Noren from KYOTO 88X150CM or 34½" x 59" | eBay

'Izayoi' Moon & Reeds 100% Linen Indigo Noren From Kyoto 88X150cm or 34½" X 59"

'Izayoi' Moon & Reeds Linen Indigo Noren From Kyoto or X

Japanese Noren

This is a Japanese traditional door curtain "NOREN".NOREN are hanged from ceilings of entrances or doorways to divide a space. In Japan, NOREN are used in stores as well as house kitc.

noren 暖簾 | japanese shop curtain

暖簾/のれん (noren), a traditional Japanese shop curtain, often with 家紋 (kamon) a family crest, or 屋号 (yagō), a trade mark.

gorgeous japanese noren (divided curtain) for the doorway

Authentic Japanese Noren imported directly from Japan. They feature exquisite kyo kanoko shibori images.

Fruiting Branches Hemp Noren

Japanese noren are shown in this page for sale. This noren has grape design on it.

Full Moon (100% Ramie fiber) (34 5/8" W x 59"H(Deep)) =Darker Brown, Harder Textile=  | Japanese Handmade Crafts Shop - nipponcraft

[Full Moon Ramie fiber) W x =Darker Brown, Harder Textile= / Japanese curtains =noren= [show all]] Japanese curtain, Japanese door curtain, Japanese noren curtain, noren hanging

This is a large, Japanese antique indigo dyed cotton noren from the Meiji period. The fabric itself is made of thick, hand spun, and hand woven cotton. It is dyed with natural  ...

A large "noren" of Meiji Era. Indigo-dyed cotton fabric which is spun and woven by hand. The kamon shown here is "maru-ni-sumitate-yotsu-meyui," typically of Ohmi-Genji Sasaki family. Meyui is a knot, meaning the Union of the Family members.

Noren Curtain

We have a wide variety of noren, Japanese cloth room divider. Please come have a look and see if you can find your favorite noren room divider to give your house a Japanese touch.