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"La angustia es la disposición fundamental que nos coloca ante la nada." Heidegger

"Heidegger is the pivotal philosopher of the twentieth century, and therefore the seedbed of many of the most compelling ideas that will arise over the next one hundred years.

Maxi Dress

The Glee star selects a feminine, airy Carolina Herrera gown for the Art Production Fund's gala honoring the designer in N.



Mid 1890s

Doctors Charles Dean Young and Louis Weigel perform an orthopedic surgery in one of the Whitbeck pavilion operating rooms,


glee cast Chris Colfer is my favorite but I also love Darren and everybody else evenly

BLAM! "Dude, put on some pants, I need to talk to you." <3

Credit: watching guilty pleasures for the fourth time 😊

Sara Teasdale--a favorite portrait

This bones symbolize death and the bird symbolizes freedom. In the novel, it seems as if death is the only way to freedom

fun fact: I've always said there's a reason why no one's ever made a biopic about Fred Astaire - because who would be able to play a quadruple-threat with the same kind of charisma? It turns out no one's ever made a biopic about Fred Astaire because he "stipulated in his will that no film representations of himself be made". Now we know he's a quintuple-threat, for his intelligence and foresight.

Fred Astaire was one of the most brilliant dancers of the century, known mainly for the dance and vocal performances he gave in various classic Hollywoodland films.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow Photographed: Annie Leibovitz for Disney

Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. "Where magic sets sail. Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait featuring Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.