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But I love my sonic screwdriver <3 haha :)

"He can say it to an inanimate object, but not Rose Tyler? "He didn't say it to his sonic screwdriver till it was too late, either. Hahahaha so sad. So funny.

This is kinda sad because who will actualy BUY him the presents that he wants??I just realized that

Favorite part of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship XD I love how the Doctor is over 900 years old but he still adores Christmas :)


Martha’s face. And also my life. Its always a blonde haha

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When I read that people skip 9 I was sad, but when I read stone skip 10 too. Like I was so sad for them, to not know Rose!

Day 23: Favorite Catchphrase [New Doctor Who]: Captain Jack Harkness, "Hello... Captain Jack Harkness"

Captain Jack XD I love it, when Jack wants to introduce him to someone and the Doctor is always saying "Stop it". I love it XD

10th doctor is jealous of the eleventh doctor

Both wrong. Nine!<----- As much as I love Nine and Eleven, Ten is better. I love them equally, but Ten is better.

Sexy Tardis

That one time the TARDIS was like every Doctor Who fan.<<NO this is me writing a story and forgetting the tense that i am in


Whoops my finger slipped. Guess I have (get) to travel in time with a timelord.

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David Tennant = Ultimate Fanboy I love that I can totally hear him saying all of this in his voice XD

Daughters for Dr. Who - - Crafted from the finest Internets.

Yo Doc, We Heard You Like Daughters

This is almost like an actual Doctor Who episode. SO The Doctor's daughter played the Doctor's daughters in 'The Doctor's daughter' was friends with the Doctor's daughter then married the doctor and had the doctor's daughter

Hermits United.

Utopia is. Every human know of Utopia. Bit of a hermit. A hermit with friends? We meet up, every ten years, swap stories about caves. It's good fun. For a hermit.


Marry Poppins is a Time Lord and the last regeneration. :D ^ this is not the only time he has quoted Marry Poppins! It is settled, she is a Time Lady!

All the feels. Suddenly I'm okay with Capaldi. This pin made me okay with him.

I can just see Moffat laughing evilly. But if this was true I'd be extremely happy. I loved the Ponds.

So sad.

This really does break my heart, cause you tend to forget that the Doctor was a dad once. And then you realized that he had a wife and kids, and he destroyed Gallifrey. Doctor Who punctures your heart, people.

Doctor Who

Sorry, can't, I have a DOCTOR appointment- totally awesome excuse!