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Lol we are all Nino. And Nino sees Adrien and Marrinette, Nino ship Adrienette

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I think Marinette would be WAY more reckless, because Tikki helps her judge situations pretty well, and Plagg just sits there like “I’m bored. Give me cheese.”

Plagg enjoys playing devil-on-the-shoulder, and let's face it, that's the last thing Marinette needs

Is it possible > anything is possible for our sunshine family

Just imagine Flynn: Gabriel Agrest Rapunzel: What? Flynn: It's my real name XD


Be careful with your words haters! (My miraculous ladybug photo edit) I think people underestimate the MLB fandom. They don't realise how insane we are. And how willing we are to go down with our ships.

Romeo X Juliet Miraculous Ladybug

Qooky Quiche - qookyquiche: Good night, everyone w (again,.