String can become such a beautiful thing!

artist: gabrial dawe work:torres de satélite + site specific installation at centraltrak + gütermann thread, painted wood and hooks + x x + 2011 his installation was made possible with the support of gütermann photos by kevin todora

NSS 2016: Noteworthy Paper & Press / Oh So Beautiful Paper

The 2016 National Stationery Show, Part 15

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Built frames from and uses screws and yarn to create interesting designs. I really like the yarn ideas

Beautiful streamers ~ Pentecost visual art

Beautiful streamers ~ Pentecost visual art - I'd love to do this in our church.but we don't have ladders long enough.but looks beautiful xx

Cloroplast tape paint corrugated

Church Stage Design Ideas wide by high columns (this church had high stage ceilings) backlight and front light detailed building instructions