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Truths About Everyday People – 10 pics

One time in first grade I was trying to tell my teacher that I couldn't drink the red dye snow cone and he looked away and smiled and laughed and said "*laugh* yes :)"

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SummerThaGreat lmaoooo I don't think I could even be mad at this if I was his mother 😭😂


So cute but dumb and hilarious. That girl is a life saver. Or maybe a murderer." When I seen this, I was like 'Awww.' But then I remembered, 'Oh wait, fish need water.

I mean he could very well look like his uncle his aunt could be married to a black man...

This pisses me off little white kids do have Aunts that marry men of other races so he could very well look very much like his Uncle. As well as many other possibilities.