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byzantine equitates-heraclian age 630 d.C.

byzantine equitates-heraclian age 630 d.

New Varangian Guard - Constantinople

New Varangian Guard - Constantinople (personal bodyguards of the Byzantine Emperor):

Constantinople was the capitol city of the Byzantine Empire. It was founded at AD 330.

A view of the Augustaion square in Byzantine Constantinople, with Hagia Sophia and the Column of Justinian.

Byzantine cataphract, 9th-10th cent. A.D. Eastern Roman Empire.

Byzantine Empire--- Depiction of a cataphract of the Byzantine Empire. These land heavy calvary units played a major role on land for the empire.

"Emperor Iohannes Dzimiskés, c.975", Giuseppe Rava

The Byzantine Emperor Anastasius, fifth century, out hunting with imperial bodyguards.