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Hyper - realistic drawing by Samuel Silva using ballpoint pen

Frozen Siberia, Lake Baikal, Russia (by Stas Tolstnev). incredible ice cracks under water. largest fresh water lake w only fresh water seal in world

Horse Head - Ballpoint Pen (!?) by VianaArts.deviantart.com on @deviantART

samuel silva vianaarts_horse head This image looks like a photograph but it's not!

Ballpoint pen art by Samuel Silva-wow that looks like an actual photograph

Margay cat, bic ballpoint pen drawing by Portugal based self taught artist, hobbyist Samuel Silva.

Afghan Girl by Samuel Silva, also known as vianaarts, is a British artist who developed his unique style of ballpoint pen drawing. This incredible work is based on the famous photo by journalist Steve McCurry.

35 Mind Blowing Colored Drawings

Afghan Girl – Ballpoint Pen Colored Drawing is a form of visual art loved and practiced by many of artists. In this post, please enjoy the collection of 35 mind blowing colored drawings. The artists uses colored pencils, ballpens,… Continue Reading →

Ballpoint pen art by Samuel Silva: awesome! "We will fly on the wings of eagles..."

Artist Samuel Silva - "I have eight colored Bic ballpoint pens. They are just common everyday ballpoint pens.

Demon Within by Rebecca Yanovskaya for Every Day Original Something comes out of she, something dark and light and strong. Original Media: Ballpoint Pen 22K Gold leaf Crushed Turquoise Stone Moleskine Paper Size: 4″x2.5″ + Matt

Rebecca Yanovskaya Demon Within by Ryer-Ord-Star on DeviantArt

Mesmerizing Ballpoint Pen Artworks by Rebecca Yanovskaya

Recently I've come to know the work of Canadian artist Rebecca Yanovskaya, who is a master in ballpoint pen illustrations.

Ballpoint pen art by Samuel Silva

Water lizard bic ballpoint pen - Animal Portrait Drawings by Samuel Silva