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For my Type 4 ladies, check out this article on how to stretch out those tight coils

The 5 B's of Stretching Naturally Curly Hair

I am the QUEEN of stretching! I am constantly manipulating my hair to make it longer! The 5 B's of Stretching Natural Hair ➜ Show off your length or create the foundation for fuller, fluffier styles by stretching your hair with these 5 methods.

I will try this next!

Chunky braid-out on long stretched/straightened hair w/ a center part; ends wrapped on flexi rods. - Cant wait til my hair is this long again!

DIY Natural Hair Cream

DIY natural hair cream (shea butter, coconut oil,aloe vera gel & jojoba oil, castor) -I'm going to try this.

Store-bought conditioners are packed with harsh chemicals that do more harm than good, while homemade conditioners have good benefits only.

Love these oils...with the exception of Avocado oil, which I intend on adding to my arsenal...woohoo!

Coconut Oil for Hair Can be Used as Carrier Oil What this means is that when you apply essential oils directly to your skin, the carrier oil is mixed with the essential oil so those extracts don’t irritate your skin…Read more →

Hair moisture

Natural healthy hair tips for those who wants to see long lasting hair growth. Get in the habit of doing certain things daily that would help grow the hair

You may have used the L.O.C. method to moisturize your hair, but one step even better is the L.O.C.S. method with seals moisture into your hair like a trap.

LOCS Method - works better for my twa than the LOC method. I retain more moisture by sealing after the conditioner