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So true

I get so excited. I love reading stuff and being like "i would say that." Its even more perfect cause its a picture of percy jackson aka the sass master<<< You mean Persassy Jackson

What happened after the last book<< I dare the next person to pin this to add something to the description

Rick totally should've had this all happen! Leo & Calypso meeting the rest of the group, Percy coming home, including Frazel in the books more and also including more about how happy everyone was that Percy and Annabeth got back from from Tartarus.

''Jason y Nico''

"Oh, man," Jason said. "Wait till I tell Piper. Hey, since I’m all alone in my cabin too, you and I can share a table at the dining hall. We can team up for capture the flag and sing-along contests!

one of the best videos to come from smosh. Tom Hiddleston is such a classy male. If you haven't seen Smosh's "Interview with Loki", go watch it now.

I was a little creeped- until I realized that the last on is Mister Hiddelstone twice. That cancelled out all the creepy. (smosh interview with Tom Hiddleston)

It will never happen

Jason and Nico (ps I absolutely do not ship Nico with anyone but Will Solace but I think they would have a pretty awesome bromance)


Heroes of Olympus - Will Solace x Nico di Angelo - Solangelo