viria: I’ve been asked a few times if I could submit those drawings from How far we’ve come separately without lyrics, so..I thought it won’t hurt?

Heroes of Olympus by Viria (Percy Jackson)-- This means a lot considering the last book comes out tomorrow :( I loved it, minus the whole Leo sacrificing himself thing… if he dies, I'll riot.

Hes ALWAYS eating pizza << wtf does this fandom think that it's okay to make edits of Percy as Ariel? THIS IS NOT OKAY, FELLOW WEIRDOS.

We r well past the gone now<>>>>>> Wad there any doubt? I wounder how the other fandoms are going. Oh well more Percy photo shopping!

Nico Di Angelo younger and older

by on deviantART. Nico isn't that old, but still. He's no longer the cheerful little boy playing with Mythomagic cards. He's been to Tartarus. Nico has a broken soul. (So sad.