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Hiccup and Astrid. :)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Anonymous said: I like the way you draw the twins so can you draw hiccup And astrid in race to the edge ? if you didn't mind 😊 Answer: I got this ask a very long time ago, but now I had the time to.

Astrid loves Hiccup's behind. No wonder she likes to ride behind him on dragons XD

Anonymous said: Hiccup and Astrid, for the kiss challenge. hiccstrid please!

Hiccstrid ^.^ <3

tomoesinferno: “ “The future chief of Berk, everyone. ” (Based on a quote from Steven Universe) ”

Hiccstrid. :)

"If you like that unassuming, heroic dragon-rider type.

It won't happen, dragons and Vikings separate in Dragons 3......   ;(

Found this hiccstrid family portrait in my sketch book and decided to ink it. Poor toothless… He enjoys it tho.