Percy Jackson and Mean Girls reference haha... I love the look on Nico's face!

Percy Jackson and mean girls reference lol and Nico's face thou

i have no words...none.

How Percy Jackson references sound to people outside of the fandom, OR conclusive proof Rick Riordan is heartless. Whichever you prefer.<-- UNCLE LEO STRIKES AGAIN

I can SO imagine Percy's face would be like that if that happened.    Then could you imagine Leo bursting into the room and yelling at the mirror WITH Percy.  "How dare you say ANYONE is sassyer then Persassy! Persassy is the sassiest person alive!!!"

Watch out, Nico! Percy's gonna give you poisoned McDonalds or something! You must go live with the Seven Demigods and have the dead do your laundry and chores! But Percy shall always be the sassiest of them all.

It will never happen

Jason and Nico (ps I absolutely do not ship Nico with anyone but Will Solace but I think they would have a pretty awesome bromance)

Nico Di Angelo, Broken.

leovaldezly: Nico drew his sword-three feet of wicked sharp Stygian iron, black as a nightmare. “I don’t agree.


02 - Nico di Angelo and Small Bob/Bob Pequeno - by Viria