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Someone threatened to throw my son of Neptune book and I was like I sware on percabeths relationship if you so I will nock you out


Percabeth Fanart by Burdge bug. I, the Percy Jackson fanatic, have stumbled upon two of my favorite things. Cool art, and books.

Percy and Annabeth

"Haha I don't know why I love Punk Percy so much *art by viria*" I do. This reminds me of when Piper said that she would think of him as a skater boy and would avoid him in MOA! And how Annabeth keeps him under control?

My adorable punk bf ~Annabeth

Punk Percy and girly Annabeth, colored by annabeth-chase-sabidinha, art by viria.

The Lost Trio

kind of an old sketch of the new additions to Percy Jackson's gang. Piper Mclean, Jason Grace, and Leo Valde. the heroes of olympus