This man is amazing. Behold, the god's chosen author! Tremble before the horror of Rick Riordan! D drinks Diet Coke a lot, so I'd say that statement is pretty accurate.

Silly game: Repin the blue apple if you're part of the Percy Jackson fandom.

Let's see how many Percy Jackson fans we can get to pin this blue apple! It's blue. We owe it to say Jackson.

If u get this...

This is funny to Percy Jackson fans. It's been a while, but I still remeber the guinea pigs. I was so mad when Percy wasn't turned into a guinea pig in the movie.

My thoughts when Piper called Percy unimpressive

I mean come on Piper, don't be stupid<< actually, I hate when people say this. Percy is impressive and all, but mainly because there's five extra books about him. Jason has done a lot too and both piper and Jason are good demigods.

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My first Percy Jackson book was actually the movie edition. I read the entire series and eventually got this exact set. TBH I still hate the movie.

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I ain't even mad cuz the movies sucked. Sorry Logan but book Percy was way hotter than u. I can make a better movie in my mind by reading the books. Read the books children do not your dam mind be tricked into liking the movies.