I love how annabeth and Percy automatically stick together and then piper changes hers after Reyna says the same place as Jason. Meanwhile frank and Hazel are being their cute selves in Disney :)>>>>>>>>leo is in florida too.hazel picked it

oh ya! Go Percy! But I still like you as a character Jason. I hate how everyone hates on Jason or Piper. Just STOP.

oh ya! Go Percy! I don't hate Jason or anything, but I still think Percy is waaaayyyyy better.

Awwwww! Alex even thinks that they are adorable!!

This is not cave people times! Sorry if I got my history wrong. I'm in middle school.

"I don't do normal"!!!

Andd this is where Leo pops in with a smart comment about just HOW many times Percy has won the 'Best Boyfriend Ever' award.<<<I helped with making the best boyfriend award.

RICK RIORDAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>Please?!?! You've already killed most of my favorite characters!

Percy Jackson and Annabeth chase proposal Percy Jackson series books

Omg percy and jason

Jason and Percy took it to a whole new level. But I wonder what Annabeth said to make Percy blush -> NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY THINGS<---------- i love you so much pinning for last comment:<< hahaha that was funny